Help build the First Nations economy

First Australians Capital has taken major steps towards establishing a self-sustained $100M Impact Enterprise Fund designed to seed and support the First Nations business sector, driving a new and just economy for Australia. 

Strengthened by the investments of three major Australian impact investors, our proof-of-concept phase is already underway, and First Australians Capital invites other impact investors to support our proven model and back Indigenous-led business.  

Our Impact

Mainstream finance and business advisory services rarely reach the Indigenous business sector, and a specific response is needed. 

Over the past four years, First Australians Capital has worked with over 400 Indigenous businesses across Australia in a range of industries, from construction to technology, to education, fashion, manufacturing, agriculture, native foods and food services. 

We have leveraged close to $50m in investment capital demonstrating that businesses supported by First Australians Capital report better resilience, stronger revenue growth, a blueprint for expansion and increased employment opportunities.  

The Indigenous business sector comprises more than 12,500 businesses and, prior to the pandemic, was growing at 12.5% p.a. – a faster rate than the SME sector. Material opportunities exist to grow both the number of Indigenous businesses and the scale of these businesses, across all regions and sectors. There are also unique industries where Indigenous businesses have a natural competitive advantage, such as native foods and environmental markets. 

Our “Indigenous Business Growth Report“, commissioned in partnership with Supply Nation and McKinsey, identified that Indigenous businesses return out-sized economic dividends. 

Countless government and private sector reports, including the recent Minderoo Foundation “Backing Black Business” Report, directly recommend the establishment of Indigenous-led, Indigenous-focused business support including finance and lending services.   

First Australians Capital’s unique investment model provides the solution: seeding, supporting and growing start-up and early-stage Indigenous businesses to help grow the economy and empower First Nations peoples to develop economic and financial independence. 

Impact Capital

Invest in an equal future for Australia through supporting our unique impact investment facility. We are looking to secure first mover capital from investors who want to be part of driving social impact outcomes by directly supporting Indigenous economic development.  

First Australians Capital provides the Indigenous business sector with access to a range of mixed and flexible finance solutions to support the gap in the financial market:  

  • Commercial finance and SME lending: equipment finance, business term loans, construction and property finance and market rate working capital loans (point of difference) both on a secured / partially secured and unsecured basis. 
  • Patient capital: for social impact investments offering repayment holidays, or capitalised interest, or combination of both.
  • Equity and quasi-equity style investments for growth Indigenous businesses.

Philanthropic Giving

We also welcome tax-deductible philanthropic giving which enables us to deliver wrap-around support to Indigenous Businesses and to grow the pipeline of the Indigenous business sector in Australia. These support services also help de-risk investments by providing tailored services (marketing, financial systems, networks, business planning, logistics, technology, supply chain) to ensure businesses are sustainable and profitable. When our full Impact Enterprise Fund is in place, these services will be costed into each investment.  

Investor Opportunity

We invite partners that understand the value to individuals, families, communities and economies of a strong and vibrant Indigenous business sector. Contact us to learn more

Proof of Concept

With $3M already invested and over $12M in investable opportunities in the pipeline, we’ve profiled three of the businesses First Australians Capital has recently supported. Each has a unique story of how they are contributing to the growth and prosperity of the First Nations economy and how their partnership with First Australians Capital has helped to catalyse their impact. 

Aboriginal Sustainable Homes

First Australians Capital recently supported expanding social housing developer Aboriginal Sustainable Homes (ASH) with a tailored construction finance facility, enabling the organisation to grow their market potential and develop a more sustainable business model. Read more

Vets on Call

Building toward our self-sustaining $100M Impact Enterprise Fund, FAC is proud to be one of the initial seed investors in Vets on Call. Indigenous-led online pet care business Vets on Call are trailblazing a new path and delivering gains far beyond pure economics – a shining example of the unlimited potential that exists in building the Indigenous business sector, and a new First Australians Capital supported business. Read more

Currency Print and Corporate Communications

First Australians Capital is proud to support Currency Print & Corporate Communications (CPCC). Businesses like CPCC demonstrate the compounding potential and value of an inclusive economic eco-system; one that creates and shares knowledge and equal opportunities for all. Read more.

“Enterprises need risk capital to build and grow. When it isn’t available from family and friends or banks, as is the case for many Indigenous ventures, then those ventures are likely to struggle. The FAC Impact Enterprise Fund brings capital and knowhow to Indigenous ventures to provide the best prospects for growth and social impact.” Robert McLean AM Author: Bulletproof Problem Solving 

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We pay our deepest respect to the Traditional Custodians of Country across Australia. We acknowledge and thank our Elders who demonstrated over 60,000 years of sustainable Indigenous business and ask them to guide us back on track to a more prosperous and purposeful future.