Currency Print & Corporate Communications: the compounding eco-system for the future

First Australians Capital is proud to support social enterprise and charity, Currency Print & Corporate Communications (CPCC) – an Indigenous owned and operated printing and corporate communications company and the state of Victoria’s only First Nations Printing Company.  

CPCC are building a sustainable and profitable business model that provides cost effective, high-quality services, whilst creating impact through a wide range of employment and training pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

“CPCC is a certified social enterprise (Social Traders), a registered Supply Nation supplier, and a member of the Kinaway Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce” says Sara Stuart, CEO of CPCC. “As a growing First Nations Australian social enterprise, our collective objective is to build a strong workforce with in-demand skills”. 

First Australians Capital’s ambition is to create long-term economic sustainability and inclusion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by unlocking opportunities and impact through investment in Indigenous businesses. To build shared economic gains across our social and cultural well-being as a nation, we work to seed and sustain innovation and entrepreneurship within the First Nations communities. We provide Indigenous-led early stage and start-up businesses with access to finance, within an ecosystem of wrap-around support services to build capability as well as capacity.  

How did FAC help CPCC? 

First Australians Capital provided pre-approval for a new equipment finance facility for CPCC . FAC are also helping CPCC to set up an overdraft facility through FAC’s unique partnership with Westpac Bank. FAC worked alongside CPCC providing support services and mentorship to build capability; re-working cash-flow processes and large-scale budgets, as well as providing aid around marketing and re-branding.

A Model of Impact 

Supply Nation’s ‘Sleeping Giant’ Report examining the social return on investment (SROI) of Indigenous businesses, showed that on average, every $1 spent with an Indigenous business returning $4.41 in social impact through employment, community support and capability building (amongst a range of impact measured). CPCC is driven by the needs they see in the community to build opportunity and skill.   

“As a First Nations business we believe in the dynamic creativity and depth of our people’s skills – the mentoring and support programs through FAC give us both a sense of confidence and ability to invest in our people and their unique creative and communication skills”, Sara Stuart comments.  

The Eco-system for the Future 

Businesses like CPCC demonstrate the compounding potential and value of an inclusive economic eco-system; one that recycles and shares knowledge and equal opportunities for all. 

“As a First Nation Australian business we believe in not only self-determination but also our grounded and connected energy that allows for culture, knowledge sharing, community consultation and inclusion. FAC’s mentoring and support programs support this holistic approach to business and business relations”. 

If you or your business is looking for support to grow or identify new opportunities, get in touch with us, have a yarn and tell us about your business.