Empower First Australians to drive their own economic future.

First Australians Capital has a unique matched investment model that brings together private sector, government and philanthropic groups to invest in high potential Indigenous businesses.

Supporting Indigenous people to become active participants in the economy through the creation of businesses, or by becoming self-employed enables generational change and helps close systemic gaps. Our approach has proven that Indigenous businesses are investable and drive significant social impact within communities through increased employment and community outcomes.

Investing for significant social and economic impact

Successful Indigenous businesses are a powerful driver to tackle social disadvantage and create transformational, systemic and lasting change. Where real economic development has been applied in Canada and New Zealand, the socio-economic gap for First Nations People has not only been sustained but reduced.

Philanthropic Giving

Your tax-free donation will provide patient capital that enables First Australians Capital to build capacity and provide support services for Indigenous businesses to become investment ready.

Impact Enterprise Capital

Invest in the future of Australia through our unique impact investment facility. Your capital will work to provide social impact outcomes by supporting Indigenous economic development.

Designed to catalyse ambitious, well supported approaches to Indigenous economic self-determination, First Australians Capital has learned from the MacArthur Foundation’s four decades of impact investing.

Social, Cultural, Environmental and Financial return

Indigenous businesses create outsized benefits for Indigenous Australians, empowering Indigenous communities to generate and grow their economic prosperity, which in turn benefits local economies and the wider Australian economy. Download Building Indigenous Growth Report

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100 X
more likely to hire Indigenous people

56% +
frequently provide pro-bono advice and support

54% +
sponsor local sports teams and cultual events


Impact stories from Indigenous businesses

Not just funding businesses, accelerating the market

First Australians Capital invests in building markets where Indigenous businesses have a natural competitive advantage, including tourism, agri-business and land management, renewable energy and carbon markets, along with culture and the arts. We work together to seed, set up and grow sustainable businesses, through funding and wrap-around business support.

Success stories: Market accelerator

The first market focus was travel and tourism, with a successful launch of Welcome to Country. First Australians Capital is currently working to develop Indigenous businesses within the Food and Agriculture sector. Read more

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Our Supporters

Our supporters understand that investing with First Australians Capital is investing in an equitable and sustainable future.