Aboriginal Sustainable Homes: a cycle of social and economic impact

First Australians Capital are proud to be supporting Aboriginal Sustainable Homes (ASH) in their mission to provide appropriate housing for vulnerable populations.  

Aboriginal Sustainable Homes has established a business that leverages projects building housing in regional areas to provide employment and training opportunities for local communities.  

Brad Draper, Managing Director of ASH, explains “We saw builders going to regions bringing their own labour and we felt that this needed to stop. …the local people who are going to be living in these homes should have the opportunity to assist in building them”. 

ASH works alongside sister company TRAIN 365, a National Accredited Training Company. Prior to building works commencing, TRAIN 365 go into the region and conduct an independent recruitment process. This includes working with Indigenous organisations within the community to generate a roster of candidates who have the desire to access training in High-Risk Licenses. Selected candidates then gain the opportunity to be employed across ASH’s sites.

How has FAC supported ASH? 

First Australians Capital have assisted ASH with a finance facility that has enabled the organisation to undertake a new housing development in Moree for the Aboriginal Housing Office. FAC has also provided a range of wrap-around support services over the year including practical advice along the path through ISO accreditation – a key compliance requirement in many procurement processes. This allows ASH to demonstrate their capability, capacity and credibility to State and Government funders – meaning their market will be larger and their business model more sustainable over time.   

“First Australians Capital has a model that allows Indigenous businesses to compete more aggressively on a commercial basis, and in doing so, accelerates the many social benefits we can deliver” says Brad. “The flexible, yet specific reporting that we’re required to send back to First Australians Capital regularly, has been welcomed by ASH Management, and the ‘yes, we can help with that’ attitude is refreshing; we know there is always someone who has our back.” 

Indigenous Australians are up to 100 times more likely to employ other Indigenous Australians which drives Australia tangibly closer to realising a more inclusive future.  

“I would hope that eventually our workforces of the future will replicate the communities in which we work.” says Brad of his vision for the future. “That is across the board, inclusive of many cultures. There are many innovative building techniques around now that allows for further participation of communities and individuals to be involved in their own Social Housing projects, whether they are Indigenous, or long-term unemployed. Our model can be replicated across a range of groups.” 

First Australians Capital believes that the success of Indigenous led businesses and entrepreneurs has the potential to accelerate our national economic development. Providing tailored funding that meets the needs of a growing sector translates into extended opportunities and drives social, cultural, environmental, and economic impact. 

To investors and partners that understand the value to individuals, families, communities, and economies of a strong and vibrant Indigenous business sector, we invite you to contact us to discuss the many ways your support can help build a new and just economy for Australia.