Solving the financial and economic exclusion of Indigenous Australians

“The Minderoo Foundation recently released their “Backing Black Business” Report, commissioned by Generation One. The report makes visible the financial exclusion Indigenous Australian’s face in accessing and contributing to our nation’s economic prosperity, and whilst we welcome every effort to further highlight the additional hurdles First Australians typically need to overcome in building economic independence, the report for us, serves to add further evidence that First Australians Capital is already part of the solution. 

As an Indigenous conceived and led organisation we provide access to capital and support services that break down the generational and systemic barriers that prevent Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs from building economic independence – we provide solutions to the exact barriers highlighted in the report.  

We provide vital access to capital that accelerates growth, expansion, and inspires innovation, and we provide wrap-around support services and guidance to de-risk investments and provide long-term business sustainability.  

So, whilst we welcome the Minderoo Foundations’ commissioning of the “Backing Black Business” report highlighting the challenges faced, we remain poised to continue to provide the solution. First Australians Capital is demonstrating that Indigenous Businesses are investable, and that their success ultimately drives our success as a Nation. 

We welcome Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs to reach out, have a yarn, tell us about your business and how we can help you.   

And we invite investors and philanthropists to back Indigenous led business; to join us in providing the solutions that unlock a new economy built on the inclusion of the world’s oldest living culture and the infinite potential that provides”. 

-First Australians Capital CEO, Leah Armstrong

Click here to read the full “Backing Black Business” report.