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First Australians Capital empowers passionate entrepreneurs to thrive.

Image © Ngali / Lindsay Malay artist

First Australians Capital are an independent Indigenous-led organisation with a focus on early-stage and start-up businesses. We nurture a growing pool of sustainable, innovative entrepreneurs.

We support Indigenous enterprises to grow their businesses through access to finance, networks, market opportunities, mentoring and advice.

When First Australians Capital works with a business, we provide professional support to develop entrepreneurs business skills, knowledge and understanding.

A dedicated Business Relationship Manager provides business planning, strategy and support and will work with each business weekly, becoming a trusted advisor and mentor over time.

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Our success stories

First Australians Capital provides Capital, both human and financial, for Indigenous businesses to start, build and expand. We have supported a diverse range of innovative businesses.

First Australians Capital has been a sponsor of the Murra Indigenous Business Masterclass since 2016.

Murra Indigenous Business Master Clase Program

MURRA is now recognised as the leading program for Indigenous entrepreneurs, and is even gaining awareness internationally. We welcomed our first international student from Canada this year. None of this would be possible without First Australians Capital. We hope you have benefitted from the engagement as much as we have

Michelle Evans, Murra Program Director