Why we’re thanking Paul Cobbo’s mother

In September 2020, First Australians Capital warmly welcomed Paul Cobbo as part of our Investment Analysis team – and we’ve got his mum to thank for it.

A proud Wakka Wakka and Kamilaroi man and 2017 Accounting and Finance Graduate, Paul started out in the graduate program at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. There he worked with a variety of organisations, from SMEs to businesses listed on the ASX, gaining a real understanding of how finance can transform an organisation.

Paul reflects – “It was a big insight for me. I learned why entrepreneurs go into business, why they’re so passionate about it and how I can help by structuring the right finance for them.”

In late 2019 Paul set off on an international adventure with a 2-year working visa in hand – aiming to settle in London. He laughs telling the story – “I applied to over 100 pubs to pull a beer behind the bar and I didn’t get one response. Then the second investment role I applied for, I got!”.

Paul joined a property investment firm with £100m under management, learning lessons about finance and property that have informed much of his work at First Australians Capital.

Paul returned to Australia early to be closer to his family. Although he planned to return to London – his mum had other ideas! She found the Investment Analyst role at First Australians Capital and was convinced that it was the perfect role for him.

Paul’s mum was onto something!

Paul’s experience in finance and investment and his passion to support the Indigenous community make him a natural fit at First Australians Capital. Paul acknowledges the support he received on his pathway to university (and beyond) and loves working in an environment where he can ‘pay it forward’. He understands the benefits of economic independence and is passionate about helping other Indigenous people achieve this through business ownership.

“I love that I’m able to work with such a variety of incredible Indigenous business owners – each one unique. I’m grateful that I get to use the skills I developed in my career in banking and property to really make a difference. If I had to describe First Australians Capital, I’d say we’re true blue – we genuinely care about helping Indigenous people, businesses and communities.”

We are proud to have Paul on the team and we look forward to the genuine connections he will make and the unique insights he will bring to light for the benefit of our communities.

(And yes, we will continue to be thankful to his mother for helping to bring him to us).