Solving the problem – being in the business of saving the planet

We all know that being in business is about two things; solving a problem and finding people who will pay for your solution. So what value can you place on solutions thousands of years old?

Lets take a look at just one problem given the current bushfire crisis gripping NSW at this very moment. I sat in a cafe today and had a conversation with your typical Aussie. He said “isn’t this fire situation terrible?” We both agreed that regular controlled burning was the key to stopping this cycle of destruction. We both acknowledged the tremendous efforts of the volunteer fire fighters. As I walked away I reflected on the fact that we know bushfires happen in Australia. Each year the fire situation seems to get worse and worse. But what is the solution and who will pay?

Cultural burning is even more effective than contemporary back burning. Cool burning fires that move so slowly that even the smallest insect can get out of the way but still effective enough to ensure we will never experience the terror of having a fire burn so hot that people in cars can’t even escape. 

Cultural burning is now being traded for carbon, which is a great way for communities to generate income and generate meaningful employment opportunities. 

Now imagine every community having a team of Cultural burning experts who are paid to ensure bushland is cared for by regular controlled cool burning. Imagine the lives that could be saved, the property that could be protected and the money that could be saved.

The solution exists. It has existed for thousands of years. Now we just have to ask people what they would pay!