Yilam is Changing the Australian camping experience.

Kaley and Joanne Nicholson, the Co-Founders of Yilam, are a mother and daughter pair on a mission to create inclusive camping gear and on Country getaways that are accessible and exciting for everyday Australians.

Connecting to Country has myriad benefits; this includes increased well-being, improvement in respect for the land and the opportunity to bring communities and families together.

In 2021, this mother-daughter pair founded Yilam – a high-quality, ethical, sustainable camping equipment and experience brand for environmentally conscious campers.

Kaley (Left) and Joanne Nicholson (Right)

Based in Djilang (Geelong), Victoria, Yilam provides sustainable camping equipment, intimate workshops and overnight experiences on Taungurung Country to empower people from every background with the skills and knowledge to not only go camping by themselves but also connect with and spend time on Country.

Camping is an activity that may be a simple night away, an extreme off-the-grid adventure, or a luxury nature-infused getaway. It is an activity that can be overwhelming. Not everyone is an excitable camper; some people may feel overwhelmed or scared to go camping alone. Yilam is on a mission to change that.

The word ‘Yilam’ is from the language of the Taungurung Nation – the first peoples of the rivers and the mountains in the highlands of Victoria Pronounced ‘yil-um’ this word directly translates to ‘camp’.

“However for our people the meaning is much deeper than that. Yilam means ‘home’ which of course, speaks to our brand ethos. We want to teach people to connect with and value nature – to treat Country as if it were their home – because ultimately it is.” Kaley said. “When people connect to Country, they appreciate the place they are in and value everything about the environment to do more to care for Country”.

Through FAC’s Catalytic Capital we have supported Yilam with growth capital and product development support. FAC is focused on prioritizing investment into women-led businesses and supporting the growth of a thriving Indigenous economy. To learn more about Yilam and the services they provide, visit them at yilam.com.au

Yilam on Country experience