XDS Engineering success journey

XDS Engineering: changing the face of the custom trailer industry.

As part of our COVID-19 relief programme, First Australians Capital has supported 246 Indigenous businesses as they navigate the challenging conditions presented throughout this unprecedented year.

In June 2020, in the height of the first COVID wave, XDS Engineering was looking to purchase a new fiber-laser cutter to diversify their service-offering. They turned to First Australians Capital for support in accessing finance.

Based in Warialda, rural New South Wales, XDS Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of custom trailers. The company is building a name for itself in the manufacture of ‘gooseneck’ trailers that provide additional stability when towing. All trailers are designed by the sole director shareholder, Simeon Davis, who offers full customisation services and also has capabilities to manufacture tilt bed, tipper and flat top trailers.  

As part of the First Australians Capital COVID-19 business relief effort, we supported XDS Engineering to access the finance they needed to purchase the machinery and strengthen the company’s expansion plans.  

XDS is a prime example of the impact that can be achieved through partnership and a collective effort to harness the creative, cultural and entrepreneurial capital of First Australians’.