WV Technologies  

WV Technologies (WV Tech) is an Indigenous and social enterprise that has quickly become leaders in Australia’s data destruction and IT disposal industry. 

Founded in 2015, WV Tech was formed by tech enthusiasts with a simple mission – to change and support the lives of people overcoming disadvantage. WV Tech’s innovative solutions have been gaining cross-country attention since establishment, and by 2018 WV Tech’s turnover had doubled.  

The enterprise specialises in data destruction, secure IT disposals, asset buyback, hardware supply, e-waste recycling and other managed deployment services. WV Tech is also registered to Top Secret, a government-endorsed program to dispose of classified information and is the first enterprise in Australia to be NAID AAA certified for all data sanitisation and destruction services. 

WV Tech does not only provide a range of products and services, they also support community members by bridging the digital divide through education. The WV Tech team runs a program that supports 30 people yearly to prepare them for specific roles – sending young employees to TAFE for certification and traineeships. WV Tech is also working with juvenile justice to support individuals who have been affected by drug and alcohol abuse.  

But WV Tech’s impact continues beyond supporting individuals. One of WV Tech’s main impact areas focuses on is the environmental impact of technology, specifically the management and disposal of e-waste.  

E-waste is one of the fastest-growing waste disposals internationally; and only 17.4% of Australia’s e-waste is effectively recycled. It is estimated that by 2030, e-waste disposal will reach over 70 million tonnes per year globally. As part of their aim to effectively dispose and recycle e-waste, WV Tech has created a whole circle approach – providing IT services alongside technological waste and recycling solutions that lead to e-waste being upcycled or recycled. 

As WV Tech continues to grow, it has always retained sight of its mission to impact the world positively. The WV Tech team is working hard to increase the business’ productivity and processing throughout the organisation.  

Recently, FAC provided a capital investment in WV Tech to support its growth and amplify their impact. Through FAC’s Investment, WV Tech hired a COO, Recycling Manager, and HR Person to assist with their daily operations. 

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