Wollombi Aboriginal Cultural Experiences success journey

Wollombi Aboriginal Cultural Experiences provides Aboriginal cultural experiences near the edge of Yengo National Park, inland from the Central Coast of NSW.

Auntie Leanne King, a proud Dhurug woman and founder of Wollombi Aboriginal Cultural Experiences, has been learning Wollombi cultural lore for over 30 years. Auntie Leanne believes that the stories she shares have resonance in today’s world, and that helping people connect with Country can be deeply nurturing. Auntie Leanne’s message is of empowering inclusion; how everyone, of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs can grow up within Culture. 

First Australians Capital supports Wollombi Aboriginal Cultural Experiences, honouring the knowledge of generations past and bringing understanding in today’s world for all to share. 

“…I know how nurtured this country makes me feel, and if I can share that… or be a part of that nurturing, that’s enough for me.”  
–Auntie Leanne King, Wollombi Aboriginal Cultural Experiences