Kolang, Kowa – First Australians Capital Impact Report

Welcome to First Australians Capital’s inaugural Impact Flagship Report.

FAC is pleased to announce the release of our 3-year Impact Report. This report sets out the early work First Australians Capital has accomplished to grow an Indigenous-led Impact Investment Fund for and by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  

First Australians Capital recognises a significant opportunity to build the Indigenous business sector and – by extension – the Australian economy while enabling whole communities to thrive. 

To view our report, click below:

FAC’s Impact report will be published every three years, highlighting the progress made against the long-term strategy to invest in Indigenous economic development, and address global challenges such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ by highlighting the positive change created through building thriving Indigenous-led and owned businesses.

Kolang, Kowa Language Acknowledgement

First Australians Capital (FAC) would like to acknowledge and thank the Miromaa Institution for the naming of our Impact report.

In acknowledgement of the Awabakal land on which FAC was founded, the report has been named: Kolang, Kowa.

Two words deriving from the Awabakal language, loosely meaning “Towards, Purpose”.

FAC would like to acknowledge Awabakal man Daryn McKenny for his research, support and approval of the use of these words.

Artists Acknowledgement

About the Artist:

Kate McGrath is a proud Awabakal and Guringai woman, living, creating, and teaching on Dhawaral Country in the Illawarra. She was born and raised on Wiradjuri country in Wagga Wagga, there Kate developed a deep love of nature, culture, and telling stories through her art.

The Story:

“Kolang, Kowa (Towards Purpose),” is an artwork that echoes the beating heart of our Indigenous heritage and First Australian Capitals purpose and vision.

As you immerse yourself in “Kolang Kowa,” witness the beauty of community service and mutual support, where every small action creates ripples that reverberate outward, much like raindrops nurturing the earth. It is a powerful reminder that even the tiniest actions can grow into powerful movements. Just like the rocks nestled on the riverbed, each one contributing to the course of the river’s journey, our collective actions nurture our culture, creativity, and economic strength, allowing us to chart our destiny.

First Australians Capital, with its unwavering commitment to Indigenous businesses and communities, is like a guiding current in this river of progress.

This artwork shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reflecting our shared dreams and aspirations. Together, we are crafting a narrative where small actions, bring growth, nourish new life, and cultivate a brighter future for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of Australia.

This artwork was commissioned by First Australians Capital and published with permission from the artist. Kate’s art can be found on her website: Matora and Me