Pioneering Indigenous Empowerment Through Skilled Labour  

Giidjaa is an Indigenous-owned and operated labour-hire company committed to building long-lasting change by providing access to ongoing support and opportunities for Indigenous tradespeople.  

Back in March this year, FAC provided Giidjaa with capital to support the next stage of the business’s growth.  

“Working in partnership with FAC has been an absolute game-changer for us. The working capital FAC provided has empowered us to scale and grow our business in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in our success, enabling us to seize new opportunities, expand our operations, and make a lasting impact,” John Kirby, Co-founder of Giidjaa, said.   

Between the company’s two divisions, Giidjaa Trades and Giidjaa Workforce, Giidjaa focuses on working as an intermediary. Giidjaa Trades aims to supply qualified, experienced Indigenous tradespeople with large-scale operations and companies, while Giidjaa Workforce supplies general labourers and machine operators for mining, tunnelling and construction projects. In addition to these, Giidjaa Workforce also offers a light-duty delivery service for transporting machinery, equipment and consumables.    

“With the backing of FAC, we’ve been able to forge strong alliances with industry leaders and secure major projects. This collaboration has not only showcased our capabilities but has also accelerated our growth trajectory. Furthermore, the funding has allowed us to diversify our offerings and invest in our submersible pumps business, positioning us at the forefront of innovation in our industry,” John said. 

Giidjaa is also curating and implementing employee professional development programs alongside the organisation’s day-to-day work through its Cultural Competency Training.    

The training is a part of Giidjaa’s efforts to promote diversity and harmony in the workplace, creating a more positive and accepting work environment. Giidjaa also offers cultural competency training to their clients to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultural expectations and practices – which has, in turn, supported the organisation with knowledge on working with traditional landowners.   

“Beyond the financial assistance, our partnership with FAC has empowered us to focus on building and upskilling the Indigenous workforce through our Group Training Organisation’ Giidjaa GTO’. Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive industry is now stronger than ever, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this investment in the years to come,” John said. 

“We extend our deepest gratitude to FAC for their belief in our vision and unwavering support. Together, we are creating opportunities, driving growth, and making a difference. We are proud to have FAC as a valued partner, and we look forward to achieving even greater heights together.”