Deadly Ed

Deadly Ed is an Indigenous Education provider offering a range of school-based, corporate, government and community organisations with the opportunity to enhance their cultural awareness, increase cultural visibility, and offer unique ways for their staff, educators and/or students to get hands on with Indigenous culture. 

Founders, Josh Brown (Worimi) and Kane Wright (Darug) say that it’s vitally important to offer accurate and appropriate teaching resources for Aboriginal history and culture in the education sector. The company has teamed up with innovative Indigenous educators and artists to provide a range of hands-on and digital Aboriginal education resources for schools, plus fun and educational Aboriginal Art mural workshops for Corporates and government agencies. 

Kane Wright and Joshua Brown

The journey

Two former High-School P.E teachers, Josh Brown and Kane Wright, noticed a growing struggle for schools in delivering authentic Indigenous education for their students, staff, and wider communities.  

“Throughout our years of teaching and education experience, we have witnessed a major gap in the Aboriginal education space when it comes to authentically teaching Aboriginal culture, values, and protocols, and how this links with modern-day teaching curriculum,” says Josh. 

After watching the endless frustrations of students and teachers alike, Josh and Kane decided it was time to act. Combining their knowledge and skills, they founded a company to help close the gap when it comes to teaching and learning about Indigenous culture – Deadly Ed. 

Since launching Deadly Ed Josh says he’s been encouraged by the broad range of enquiries coming from outside of the schools.  Just last month organisations like Barnardo’s have engaged Deadly Ed to develop and deliver Mural & Art workshops for their teams. 

Their vision

Deadly Ed exists to link teachers with the relevant resources needed for students to learn about the mandatory curriculum outcomes relating to Aboriginal history and culture accurately. All lessons are provided in pre-made, subject-specific packs that are ready to be implemented into classrooms at any stage of learning. The packs are created using both digital and physical form resources depending on the curriculum and subject needs and assists the capabilities of each school for their teachers and students. 

Deadly Ed also provides teachers with much-needed support by offering advice and professional learning to increase their capability and confidence in teaching students about Indigenous history and culture.  

However, it is not all about learning.  

Deadly Ed also aspires to be a platform to provide Aboriginal teachers, artists and horticulturalists an opportunity to connect with other staff and students across New South Wales by showcasing their skills and talents – through works such as murals, creative arts and Indigenous gardens. 

“We really want to get the artist out there, connecting with the students and get the students involved in the project,” says Kane. “That way the students have a sense of belonging.” 

The impact

First Australians Capital (FAC) and Deadly Ed started working together early this year.  

After multiple conversations, it was FAC’s clear communication, commitment and direction to small business, that ultimately led Deadly Ed to partner with FAC. 

“During our conversations with the team, our queries were clearly answered, and the team went above and beyond to put our commitment and vision for Aboriginal education as a priority, allowing us to move forward without hesitation,” said Kane.  

Creating a website and resources for Indigenous education throughout NSW is no easy feat!  FAC is working with the team to develop their capability and has arranged access to capital through FAC’s Impact Enterprise Fund to support the development. 

FAC’s Impact Enterprise Fund has already invested nearly $3M in a proof-of-concept phase across 12 Indigenous led businesses.  

By providing training, cultural experiences and resource packs to all schools, Deadly Ed hope to decrease the stress teachers face when having to teach content without the appropriate, accurate or comprehensive knowledge and resources to assist. First Australians Capital believes in Deadly Ed’s mission to change the narrative and close the gap in Indigenous learning. 

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