Deadly Ed – Uplifting the next generation  

Deadly Ed is an education provider on a mission to support and uplift the next generation of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children as they learn about Community and Culture. They offer schools and corporates an opportunity to connect and learn about Aboriginal history, Country and culture. 

Kane Wright (Left) and Josh Brown (Right).

Founded by Josh Brown (Worimi) and Kane Wright (Darug), the team aims to create a learning and social environment across Australia where the next generations of Indigenous children can feel supported in connecting with and embracing their culture. 

Deadly Ed came to First Australians Capital (FAC) through the COVID-19 program and received funding to begin branding their start-up enterprise. In March 2021, FAC provided a capital loan to assist with developing Indigenous education resources.  

Since then, Deadly Ed has continued to build networks connecting with various corporate and educational partners for multiple projects – including large-scale murals for offices and bush tucker gardens.  

Deadly Ed’s educational programs for students and teachers alike have also transcended. In early October 2022, the team launched ‘The Deadly Dose’ podcast. The podcast aims to build its listener’s confidence and overcome barriers around Indigenous education.  

Over the past year, Deadly Ed has also grown into a team of seven, and they have purchased two vans detailed with artwork designed by Kane.  

“Without the initial support of seed capital from FAC, none of this would’ve been possible,” Josh said. “The great people we’ve had the pleasure to connect with at FAC have made the whole experience very enjoyable; they are always there to support and help us with various parts of our business, not just cash flow and funds.”   

Deadly Ed has created many opportunities and experiences that enhance cultural awareness and offer support and employment to Aboriginal educators, artists, plant experts and all-rounders in the community across Australia.