Benang – Creating a better tomorrow

Benang, a multi-disciplinary construction and maintenance group are using business to create impact for their local communities. The FAC value of Entrepreneurial Spirit is embodied by the team at Benang, which means ‘tomorrow’ in Noongar Language. 

For the team at Benang, it means to be forward-thinking, and to provide the highest value for their customers and communities, being forward-thinking, providing the highest value for their customers and communities.

Photo retrieved from Benang: Managing Diretcor, Jasmine Kadric, and General Manager, Damir Kadic,r at 2019 NAIDOC Awards

Benang offers operational services supporting the utility infrastructure industry. They service various government and private asset owners across the water, power, gas, and mining, and resources projects. 

Since its founding in 2018, Benang has committed itself to providing a culturally safe place for all employees, striving to engage with the local community and employ local contracts continuously. 

In 2019, only a year after its founding, Benang was awarded NAIDOC’s (Perth’s) runner-up business of the year. The company has secured significant projects with State and Private Utility Infrastructure Providers and other Mining and Resources customers. 

FAC has supported Benang with access to working capital, enabling the business to operate several large-scale infrastructure projects successfully. Such as the Medina Water Hammer Project, Hyden WWTD embankment repair, Pit and Pipe Infrastructure and more. 

In the long term, Benang hopes to be an Infrastructure Construction leader across Australia and provide more opportunities for local communities to participate in large scale project.  

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